My name is Dora,

and I was a Pyraneese Rescue Puppy born in Memphis and destined to lovingly inspire my Foster family and ultimately travel to my new life's adventures...

I was very scared at the shelter where they first took me, but I was rescued by my first human mom, Anne, who loved me more than I could ever imagine being loved.

No one had ever sung to me, or played with me gently and made me feel honored and wonderful for being just me, just a Rescue Puppy abandoned in a dark and scary place.

Even though I'm in a new home, my first and real home was and always will be with my human mom who gave me fresh dog bones, ice cream,  kindness, and who I know always thinks of me with all the love imaginable in the puppy-filled universe!

Dora the Pyraneese Rescue Puppy Story by Story Paws 1 A1