StoryPaws is the place where I tell the stories of people’s animals that those animals themselves, don’t use words to tell. Instead, they use the nuance of gesture, eye contact, timing of their appearance not only in our day to day lives, but even when they showed up in our lives at that very moment. Their words are really the emotional impressions left upon and inside us, where we suddenly know what they were saying, hopefully, when its important.

Every one of those stories is different. They’re each told from the perspective and life of that particular dog, cat, squirrel, hummingbird, or whatever other animal I’ve had the literal pleasure of meeting, or if they’ve passed, whose story I’ve had the honor of listening to told through the voice of their Beloved human Mother or Father. 

The laughter, tears, the joyful recollection of their animal lives, being brought back to our senses through the meeting with their living human Bestie.

Thank you for visiting, it’s my most special pleasure you’ve stopped in,




The Artistic Process of StoryPaws