StoryPaws was birthed when Anne lost her Bestie, Peetie Pie. He is a Golden Retriever who lived from puppyhood until the day he died, with her and her incredibly loving to both people and animals, family.

It wasn’t until Anne told me her story with Peetie, how he helped her through very hard times in life, how much of a genuine friend he had been, in many ways doing things for her and being there to help her when no one else seemed capable-of, - That I suddenly realized all the animals in my life were exactly and equally that, for me.

But up until that moment in my life, I just hadn’t let the impact of that truth, hit me.

From that moment, I began rushing to make right, all the animal relationships in my life I’ve been blessed with, all the little kittens who I knew in my childhood, all the stray dogs our family took in, even thinking of the way birds who have flown into art studios I’ve rented and houses I’ve live in. When taken all together, suddenly made me deeply appreciate and feel a keen sense of humility to all the blessing awareness that all these meetings, were no accident. 

Sometimes, I’ve since often thought, it’s only when we put things down on paper, and look - Is the only time we’ll see a pattern emerge. And this time, the pattern was painted and written beautifully in a lifetime of pawprint after pawprint of friendships. Some I’ve absolutely loved and known the names of, fed and cuddled-with and walked with. I’m sure most, though, only saw me, and hoped one day I’d think to wonder their names.


Our Animal Bestie Paws