To make a StoryPaw, I use my lifetime of artistic talents to listen and look, to fully take in the story and vision of an animal. Then I begin using my meditative and prayer process, where I ask my artistic and spiritual mind and Guides to assist me in hearing the animal’s soul, tell me its story.

When it begins to come, I grab my iPhone if that’s closest, or my journal and pen, and begin writing down what the animal’s voice is saying, as they almost always sound as human as we humans sometimes try to sound. 

It’s almost as if they, like us, in their spiritual realm shared still living and physically, or departed and soulfully - Are eager and waiting, just like we humans often time are, to tell us “what really happened,” “what they were really thinking,” and “experiencing” in their furrisomely amazing lives, cohabiting between our two feet. And sometimes, even our laps.

I use my God’s gifted talent of drawing and painting, sometimes with my digital tablet, sometimes with my watercolors pastels or other traditional art medium - To make eternal the joy and heart-changing emotion each and every of our animals has, but mores to bring to our lives.


All the Bestie Paws thus Far